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Garden of the Year

Nice to have the cover of this month’s Gardeners’ World magazine, with their Gardens of the Year competition issue. Congratulations to all the lovely folk I met en-route in a slightly mad 8 day dash across the UK from Kent, Hampshire, Wales, up to the Lake District, Scotland and finally to the Orkney Islands. And thanks for all the 5am cups of coffee, bacon sandwiches and chocolate biscuits to keep me going…I promise, I wasn’t a judge!

Business is blooming

From a shoot on business women in You Magazine on 16th August 2015. On a large feature, several thousand shots often need editing down to half a dozen or so. This means overlooking many equally good images. So, a small selection of out-takes.  The first, a quick shot as I was packing my kit away.   Two more from the same series:

Ellie and Anna at 'The Flower Appreciation Society'

Gunnersbury Park, 1.8.13

If one can have a favourite disused tennis court, this must be it. A slightly neglected corner of Gunnersbury Park, it must be one of the busiest parts of the grounds for pollinating insects. So Ealing Council, no need for clearing here, let nature do the work for you.

Chrysanthemums…….or Chrymanthesums?

Every time I hear the word Chrysanthemum I think of the Monty Python sketch, Flower arranging, with DP Gumby.  When I went to my friend Lila das Gupta’s allotment yesterday, to photograph a few varieties of  Chrysanthemum, the picture of Michael Palin standing in front of a table with a knotted handkerchief on his head was never far away. Chrysanth’s have had bad press over the years, which has not been helped by the cliched petrol station flower. I don’t hate them. I might even be persuaded there are some nice ones. Some. Lila’s plants were willing subjects for portraits. […]