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  1. Cindy Christian

    Hi Paul. I am trying to find a reputable “concertina style” book printer and bindery vendor, for a friend of mine that is writing a series of books about her Corgi’s. She had found a book, while working in France 3-4 years ago, and is set on producing her books in the zig-zag format, with fabric cloth on the covers. I am having problems locating a vendor because I believe her book format size and page count are exceeding what is feasible. I came across your concertina-style examples. Did you build your books in London? If so, do you know anyone in the US or Canada that may meet my specs below?

    • “Front” of the book: 13 pages (includes the title page)
    • “Back” of the book: 12 pages.
    • Total printed pages 25.
    • New size: 5” w x 6.5” h

    If not, can you recommend someone to me to contact? Thank you for your assistance. Cindy

    • admin

      Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately I can’t help you here. I made this book myself as I was unable to find someone able to do it for me. Good luck with your search. If you find someone, it would be good to know.
      Best wishes,