Adventures with an iPhone

My colleague Jason Ingram recently posted a few photographs on his blog, illustrating the use of his iPhone with an App called the Hipstamatic. This made me curious. Although I have owned several mobile phones with  built in cameras, I had never used them to take photographs. As I nearly always carry a bag full of professional kit, the photographic capabilities of a mobile phone have always been excess to requirements. That is until recently, after I finally succumbed to fashion and bought an iPhone!

On a  family outing to A Garden Party To Make A Difference, staged at three of the grand Royal residences along the Mall in London a few weeks ago, the use of a humble point and shoot camera became essential. The terms and conditions of entry to the event clearly stated that professional equipment, defined as SLR’s with interchangeable lenses, were prohibited – along with weapons, illegal substances and err……..tables and chairs! Enter the iPhone!

A Garden Party To Make A Difference
The Royal laundry still fluttering overhead at Marlborough House. But, true to the theme of the event, it was a good drying day.
A Garden Party To Make A Difference
A very British "keep off the grass" sign - and a typical response.
A Garden Party To Make A Difference exhibit
A wool coffin - kind of bizarre at first glance, but after a moment or two, it might start to make sense. Or not.
Mini Cooper with flowers on the windscreen
And a Mini Cooper in an adjacent street. One of the residents was obviously inspired by the alternative plant containers.

The offering from Apple  is actually quite a capable device – obviously a long way off the normal equipment I use, but nevertheless fun to use for snaps. So, here is another selection taken in Brighton:

food outlet on Brighton sea front
Food offerings on the beach, Brighton
Food outlet in Brighton
Food offerings on Brighton sea front
food outlet on Brighton sea front
Food offerings on the beach, Brighton.
Shop on Brighton Pier
Shop on Brighton Pier
Two people on Brighton pier
Two people I met on Brighton Pier - both without the power of coherent speech.
accidental exposures
Trying out all the buttons - and possibly pressing the wrong one.

The final two shots were taken in Walthamstow,  London, whilst taking a stroll around the  E17 Art Trail.

massag &
massag &.........what? For a fiver, it could be worth a try.
Ford Anglia Deluxe
Ford Anglia Deluxe. I had one of these whist at Sixth Form - they weren't cool then. Maybe this is the reason I haven't got a single photo of my old car - so I couldn't resist this one.

Conclusion –  I’ll definitely use it again. The only problem I had was with the size. I’m used to using large cameras – and everything on the iPhone seems miniscule in comparison. Be prepared for lots of fingers in front of the lens! And could it be used on a normal job? No!

Brighton Sea front
Brighton Sea front, complete with finger.

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