Garden Media Guild

Last Wednesday I was invited by BBC Gardeners’ World to an end of term bash at the Garden Media Guild Awards. All very nice, and I was a finalist in the awards too, with a portfolio of eight images published over the  last 12 months.

Garden Media Guild Photographer of the Year Finalist

two images from my portfolio
Two images from my portfolio

Along with the award ceremony, which was held at the Brewery in Chiswell Street, there was a three course meal. This included a desert that baffled James Alexander Sinclair, who happened to be sitting at the same table. I hadn’t heard of a Blackberry Tendance either.

I wouldn’t normally go on about a lunch, but I was quite curious about the goody bag that one often gets presented with at large events. As a car photographer I  was lucky enough to travel all over Europe, the US and  Japan, where you would frequently be presented with mementos relating to a particular country – wine, pens, model cars, books and T-shirts to name but a few. But never an axe! It’s a very fine axe too. I sat on the tube rehearsing my statement to the police all the way home!

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  1. VP

    That axe was rather worrisome wasn’t it?

    I wish I’d known you were there on Wednesday – I was admiring your work at the IGPOTY exhibition at Lacock Abbey earlier this year 🙂

    • Paul Debois

      Hi VP
      Definitely worrisome. The first thing my wife said to me when I arrived home was, “Why on earth have you got an axe?” I usually have a very friendly disposition, and I must admit I was rather put out by her alarm.

      Thank you for your comments about the IGPOTY exhibition, much appreciated! If you go to any of the Vista talks, make sure you wear a pink carnation and we can have a chat!