What is wrong with my camera, the prints are all blurry?

The most frequent question I get asked as a photographer is, “What camera should I buy?” It is a very difficult question, so please have sympathy. There are so many things that can effect the answer. The biggest problem is that I, like most professional photographers, have very specific experience with one or two current camera models. I don’t use Nikon DSLR’s – not through any particular dislike. It’s just that I have a full set of Canon lenses, so switching to Nikon is uneconomic. It’s as simple as that. I occasionally use a Canon compact for holiday snaps, so I know even less about compacts. Except that the Lumix range of cameras is very good. Technically and as examples of industrial design – male jewellery and all that, I want one!

I remember vividly struggling to make sense of anything when I first got into photography, so it’s always flattering to be asked to help or give advice to friends and colleagues. I’m always happy to talk shop. Just try stopping me. I’ll discuss my favourite photographers, darkroom techniques, 19th Century print processes, even reciprocity law failure. But a warning – just pause for a moment and take a deep breath before asking, “What’s wrong with my camera, the prints are all blurry?” Clean the lens, be sure you’re not waving the camera like a flag when you press the shutter, and for those with autofocus lenses, do make sure that little button on the side of the lens is switched on. OK? Then I might be able to help!

And never tell me your camera doesn’t work without checking the batteries first – and then ask, “Have you got any spare batteries!”

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