IGPOTY at The Photography Show, 2014

I received a copy of the International Garden Photographer of the Year ‘Collection Seven’ book yesterday. With the judges final choices for 2014, it is a beautiful presentation of work, especially for those whose images are represented.

IGPOTY 2014, Collection Seven
IGPOTY 2014, Collection Seven


A list of all the judges.

List of Judges, IGPOTY 2014
List of Judges, IGPOTY 2014

I really enjoyed meeting so many people over the two days I spent at The Photography Show as part of the IGPOTY programme of events. I lost count how many portfolio critiques I gave, but I saw many lovely images.

For anyone thinking of entering next year, I’ll repeat the main point of the talks I gave.

Tell a story. You have to do this without using words. Whether a single image or a portfolio, the idea is paramount.  And don’t be too concerned with special techniques. These can distract and actually hide what you are trying to say. Keep it simple. Look for less obvious subjects too. People and environmental topics are all relevant.


Some of my favourite images from IGPOTY 2014

The winning entry for 2014 by Rosanna Castrini, entitled ‘My Prairie Garden’.

©Rosanna Castrini My Prairie Garden
©Rosanna Castrini My Prairie Garden


A group winner Jason Liske with ‘Native Coast’.

©Jason Liske 'Native Coast'
©Jason Liske ‘Native Coast’


One of my favourite portfolios was by Sibylle Pietrek in the Greening the City category.

©Sibylle Pietrek 'Growing Home' community garden
©Sibylle Pietrek ‘Growing Home’ community garden


Another good story was from Matteo Carassale.

©Matteo Carassale - 'Mr. DB against the Sky'
©Matteo Carassale – ‘Mr. DB against the Sky’

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