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Pendine Sands, 1986

Sorting through some old contact sheets….c1986, Pendine Sands. I think this sums up pretty much every car photoshoot I did in Wales. Art Director Nick Dixon on the left, me loading film. I also remember being accosted by the MOD Police  for straying onto the beach on a red flag. They confiscated film on the grounds that my photos could have captured missiles being fired out to sea. These were sent back to us after they were processed….as the images showed nothing more than run of the mill hatchbacks in very wet sand!

Canon 5D MKII

I took my trusty Canon 5D MKII on its last shoot as number one camera today. After 210,575 actuations and no breakdowns, it is going into semi-retirement as number two, giving way to a 5D MKIII. Bought in December 2008 in one of the first batches in the UK, it’s done amazingly well, not only to last this long, but to still stand up to many current cameras. Thanks for all the great shots!