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Coast of Light – 7.2.17

I’ve been photographing landscapes and people in Andalucia, Spain, since 2004. This is a recent collection taken earlier this month in Conil and nearby Cape Trafalgar. More images can be seen in ‘Projects’ under The Coast of Light.      

Straits of Gibraltar viewpoint near Tarifa, 6.2.17

The holiday snap

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked by people to take snaps of them in front of  important landmarks. A camera is thrust in my direction, usually a very small compact, with an impossibly slow shutter release, which makes me look as if I’ve never touched a camera in my life.  I fumble and eventually get an image, often after some quick tuition by the owner, showing me how the camera works. My recent holiday was no exception. Though this time, I kept a record with my camera too. This happy group ran up  saying, “Foto, […]