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Raul Conde Vila, tree expert at Wisley

Raul Conde Vila, tree expert at Wisley, standing next to a Giant Redwood. This shows the scale of the tree, which measures over 5 metres around the base, indicating an age of approximately 100 years. The lower photo is a Metasequoia glyptostroboides or Dawn redwood. A prehistoric tree thought extinct, but discovered growing in China in 1943. Currently classified as endangered.  

Contrast the City exhibition

  Three images from Contrast the City exhibition. Tate Modern, Celtis laevigata ‘smallii’, and St.Paul’s Cathedral, from Contrast the City exhibition. Edition of 10    

St Paul's Cathedral, 13.3.09

The Bermondsey Tiger

A couple of weeks ago I saw a programme  on TV about the reintroduction of certain animals into the wild in various parts of Europe and North America. Wolves and bears seemed to be the favourite cuddly beasts.  So it was to my great surprise that whilst wondering around Bermondsey last week I stumbled upon a tiger!  He seemed quite happy sitting in the tree, and appeared to be enjoying the sunshine. Not sure why he was there – doubt he knew either, so if anyone can explain, I’d be pleased to know!